All of nurses is very important to sustain

over the world in all hospitals whether government or non government, nurses
are the most exposed employees to the contagious diseases brought about by
patients under their care. Because the nurses are the most reliable persons in
catering services to the need of the patients suffering from any cases and
especially infectious diseases, hospitals have to hire them and find ways to
make them stay. Never there, the adverse effects of the unfavourable conditions
obtaining in the work place lowers the moral of the staff nurses as the years
go by.

            Nurses are the vital component of
the hospitals to achieve its goals of providing the nation healthy citizenry. A
sufficient supply of nurses is very important to sustain access to safe timely
and quality health care. Therefore achievements of healthy work environment is
critical for the safety, recruitment and retention of nurse. (RNA D Feb. 2013).

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            There are standard rules and
regulations for the nurses to follow for providing quality health care. There
are also precautionary measures to safeguard the health status of the staff
nurses. For instances, there are reminders for health and sanitation practices,
instructions for wastes management and schedules of duty hours. The nurses
tried to give the best and quality performance they could to be reliable as
expected of them. Sooner or later the adverse effects are observed on the
health status of the staff nurses. The effect of the exposures of the nurses to
hazardous job require assessment before getting into practice, some measures of
control in the work place. A hazard should be addressed if it resulted to
injury. A hazard causing injury may be due to the inefficiency of the medical
devices or tools in which causes industrial supplier may be alerted. If the
injury is caused by the insufficient and ineffectiveness of chemical, the
chemical source may be alerted. This will ascertain ways and means to minimize
if not to entirely eliminate risks ( NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association May

            A good nurse is reliable and
responsible. She needs to be patience and understanding. These some of the
quality will help them gain the patient’s trust, confidence and cooperation.
Through the management prevention programs and precautionary measures and
techniques, the staff nurses’ health status may be improved and protected for
any hazardous incidents in both government and non government hospitals.