I antibiotics, there would be far less meat

I believe that treating Livestock with antibiotics is good for consumers and as well as livestock.. I think that antibiotics should be able to be used in Livestock production that feeds Americans. The United States Department of Agriculture states that United States animal producers should have the right to put antibiotics in food. Antibiotics are good for your livestock. Antibiotics help in many ways such as treating pneumonia and respiratory distress, clostridium, and other intestinal diseases in both adult and adolescence.  All of which livestock can die from if not treated.  Livestock that are treated with antibiotics live longer and healthier than those that don’t get treated. Livestock can get sicker than what some might think. If we didn’t put any antibiotics in food than our livestock wouldn’t look as big and healthy as most of them do. Without treating with antibiotics, there would be far less meat for consumers and price would be much higher because of supply and demand. Antibiotics help our livestock to stay healthy which leads to us having healthier food. Extended shelf life of animal product for consumption keeps cost of food for consumers down.  Animals that receive antibiotics in their feed gain 4% to 5% more body fat weight than animals that don’t receive antibiotics.  This also has a direct impact on all consumers.  Do you believe giving livestock antibiotics makes society sick easier and makes people become antibiotic resistant?  This is not true.  United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is active in testing cattle, chicken, and swine in industrial processing facilities to make sure that all livestock is antibiotic free. There is a withdrawal time depending on the animals and the medicine given that is anywhere from 7 to 45 days before slaughter that they can be treated.  Some in society think that antibiotics stop our livestock from growing normally. Some don’t believe it helps with our food production. Others think that in today’s world antibiotics don’t help our livestock. Antibiotics are good for livestock and do help our food industry. Antibiotics help in many ways for livestock and for us. Here’s a little quote about Antibiotics, “Vaccines and antibiotics have made many infectious diseases a thing of the past, we’ve come to expect that public health and modern science can conquer all microbes. But Nature is a formidable adversary.”I am for treating your livestock with antibiotics under veterinary advice. I think producers should give their livestock some antibiotics when needed, because it helps us to keep our livestock healthy and growing. Treating animals with antibiotics also keeps the price of food down. I think the United States Department of Agriculture should continue to allow the option of antibiotics to their Livestock because it helps you in so many ways.