In that the trajectory also has quite a


In my exploration, I have made certain assumptions which can question the reliability of the data presented. For example, we assumed that there would be no wind throughout the movement of the ball, but in the real game, there is constant wind. This changes the path of motion of the ball.


Furthermore, it was also assumed that the ball would not spin. However, this is partially right as it is up to the bowler if he/she wants to apply spin to the ball or not. Although, in most cases, spin naturally occurs due to the wind. Spinning is also an important factor in the movement of the ball – it could alter the path on which the ball travels.

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Thus, after stating these assumptions, it is seen that the trajectory also has quite a few limitations. However, air resistance is taken into consideration which makes it a theoretical model to work with. In addition, it is fascinating to know that the trajectory and motion of the ball do not only apply to cricket but also could be derived in other sports.


Lastly, studying the movement of a cricket hit was very significant and fulfilling. This is mainly because it gave me a chance to apply mathematical understanding to model a real life situation and relate it to my favorite sport, cricket. Calculus is a subject that I have always been fascinated about, thus, knowing that I can relate and apply it to my favorite sport and progress in it makes me lean towards investigating the depth of its utility.





The aim of the assessment was to investigate the trajectory of the ball when hit by a batsman for a six. I derived an equation, with the help of certain assumptions and with the understanding that the ball when hit follows a two-dimensional motion. The actual trajectory was calculated using functions and differentiation, which resulted in a quadratic curve. It can be observed that the angle at which the ball is being hit will affect both the horizontal and vertical displacement of the ball. Assuming that velocity is the same, the greater the angle and the greater the vertical displacement the lower the horizontal displacement. However, this exploration has certain limitations so the equation of the trajectory lacks accuracy, so I would like to work on this in the future to come up with more accurate results.