The different departments in companies, SAP is really

The world is changing
and so are the people and industries. The Information Technology is making its
way in all fields. Logistic is one of the fields that has and in future will be
benefited with IT.

It has been never seen
before that the innovation in technology and demand of customers for high-level
of technology and services is leading to emergence of new challenges, which is
leading to overall change in the industry. This change will have a dramatic
influence on how organizations will be managed. Since last few decades the
evolution of Information Technology has been unstoppable. The emergence of new
technologies and the growth of industry created big challenges for logistic
sector also.1
These challenges came in the form of technological requirements that might be
important for the logistic sector, such as: supply chain visibility, SAP’s game
change in transforming the supply chain.

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It is so obvious that
this is the advent of Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is about more than just the
smart factory or the implementation of technologies. The term introduced by
German government to mark the coming of fourth industrial revolution and what
it brings along. With the world where Internet of Things(IoT), Cyber-physical
system, robots and cobots are about to lead the way, it is said that the
technology might reach another level.

Industry 4.0 also has
its impact on logistics. From supply chain becoming the ‘Smart Chain’ and SAP
taking over the logistics industry. SAP is a global leader making software’s to
help industries simplify their supply chain management system. From providing
solution for warehouses to coordinating activities of different departments in
companies, SAP is really changing the way a company should work. It is making
the companies dependent on the programs they provide. New technologies like
machine learning, the Internet of everything, blockchain, cloud, and the SAP
HANA® platform will transform value chains to enable completely new business
models. Every year SAP is coming with new programs to help ease the supply
chain processes worldwide.

The report will sum up
with the help of case study about another company named Euro Friwa Gmbh. The
company is an association of specialist wholesalers from hairdressing industry.
How information technology benefited this company and how have they managed to
complete their 90 years journey would be an interesting topic to read about.
The report can be helpful to various companies who are currently working with
SAP and are planning to shift to EWM also for small and medium enterprises who
might would like to ease their supply chain process.

What will be the
effect of Industry 4.0 on supply chain? and How SAP takes over the software
market? Should companies go for SAP EWM embedded or non-embedded version? And
how they should tackle with SAP’s game change? Is there any way to sneak
through this change? All these questions will be answered in this report.